My parents are divorced, so I live in both their houses during the week. I have a story for both. I have never told anyone this before.

Strange noises

My mum’s: My mum and stepdad are still at work after I finish school, and my little sister is at an after school club. When I come home I always get myself something to eat before going upstairs. One day I was getting a drink when I hear the distinct sound of someone walking around upstairs. My first thought is that it is my cat jumping off my bed, but looking down I see her walking around my feet. When I pluck up the courage to go upstairs, no one is there and nothing has fallen off anything so there is nothing that could have made the noise.

Sleep walker

My dads’: My brother (who lives at my dad’s) finishes work really late and so I am asleep when he gets back. I wake up one morning and my dad and brother are talking about last night. When I ask my dad says he heard my brother get up and go to the loo. He also heard him bang into the light switch and mumble ‘sorry’. Now we have one of those cord light switches that swing about when you pull them and my dad say after he heard the noises he went to the bathroom and saw the light swinging. My brother denies this and does not believe he was sleep walking because he has never done it before and he says nothing is bothering him. I usually wake up if I hear anything (and my hearing is very good even when I’m asleep) and I slept soundly without waking once.

From: “Richmal”
Subject: Richmal’s story
Date: Sunday, June 12, 2005 1:40 PM

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