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Haunted Vacation House

Well, this event actually happened three years ago. My family and I went to the Philippines for a two week vacation. My aunt, who is the richest in the family, was rebuilding the house where my other aunt, some cousins, and grandmother lived at. Thats where we were originally going to stay at, but it was under construction, so my aunt let us stay at her vacation house with her.

The house was nice, and it was large enough to fit almost eight or less people. It looked pretty new too. But my aunt told me that the house was very old, back to the time of World War II. I was pretty suprised because it seemed so nice and new-looking. The only thing on my mind was I wish this was my house, that’s how beautiful it looked. If you knew what my house looked like you’d say the same thing. But I soon found out there was terror inside waiting to be let loose.

It all started when we were all watching TV. We were watching some movie about Japanese invasion on an island, with mass murder and all that. I wasn’t really into it, and we all found out I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t. The TV started to flicker in and out. All of a sudden we heard this battle go on but we didn’t know what it was about because there was no picture at all, but we could still hear things.

I wasn’t freaked out at that point, until someone whispered, “Get out!” We all looked at each other, but my brother ruined it and started laughing saying it was only the movie, that the TV must have been broken or something. That did not convince me, but it seemed to work on
everyone else. So I went back to normal because of that.

It was almost midnight and everyone was starting to go to bed. Of course we were all able to get a room to ourselves because the house had eight bedrooms. But me and my little cousin decided to sleep in the same room because I was too freaked out to even sleep by myself. I was embarassed to ask her but who cared just as long as I had someone with me.

Well, we weren’t that tired so we decided to just listen to some music. So we were just there listening to music and talking when all of sudden I heard this piano music. Of course I became suspicious; I always think up the worst. So I told my cousin, “I hope that was your
CD”. And she said, “Girl, chill,” and she started to head out of the room. I stopped her because I didn’t even want to find out what it was. But she insisted on going, and I didnt want to stay in the room alone so I went along with her.

It turned out that there was a piano in the family room. We really didn’t see that room because my aunt said not to go downstairs. And creepy it was down there. So my cousin Madeline goes to it and finds a slipper, she just flats out start laughing. And I join her until I hear footsteps so I told her to come on because my aunt would kill us if we were up. So we head back to our room and slipper slaps her in the head. It was like it just flew out of nowhere!

I had had it right then and went to my aunt Paris. I tried to wake her up, but found everyone else in the room with her. They all started confessing about anything that just happened to them. My aunt Paris got pinched in the ear. My grandmother’s hair was cut, and the rest they just heard sounds that freaked them out! So my aunt tells everyone to run outside before anything else happens while she called my uncles. Gladly nothing happened to us outside. I was very creeped out. I have never experienced such fear before. But it was pretty funny after that because my uncles came with bats and a bunch of other ridiculous things.

I’m a very curious person so I decided to do research on the place. And not to my surprise I found out that that place was actually a torture chamber for Filipinos. That back in World War II, the Japanese actually executed and killed Filipinos in that house. I guess that’s what explained the upset in the house when we started watching that movie. But I dont really know if my source of information is accurate or true but it seems like it to me.

From: Anonymous
To: obiwan@ghosts.org
Subject: A Submission
Date: Saturday, June 18, 2005 9:23 PM

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