You have to excuse some of my spelling because I’m from Australia and we spell some things differently, so I’m not a bad speller, okay? This is a true story told by my friend Joe. This happened about 35 years ago to his mother.

Lady in white

In China at the time lived Joe’s mum. Let’s call her Lisa. Lisa was living in a small house and their toilet was situated outside of their little home. Lisa lived with her mum and dad. Lisa shared a bed with her mum and the dad slept in his own but all three slept in the same small room.

Lisa was always scared of ghosts as in China it was quite common for people to believe in those types of things. The worst thing was going to the toilet at night. Lighting a candle then walking all the way outside in the dark. There were so many trees out there, and anything could be hiding behind them.

In China people believe that a spirit is surrounded by some fire balls (it sounds ridiculous but it’s true!). One night Lisa thought she saw a fireball gleaming on the corner of her eye but being only 10 years old she was so frightened she ran back to her house forgetting to go to the toilet. After that night she closed her eyes when walking to the toilet.

One day she found a large knife under her pillow so she asked her mum why it was there. Her mum told her it was a protection from anything evil. Being in a superstitious culture she didn’t question anymore.

Probably about 30 years after that she and her mum some how got into the topic of the knife that used to be under Lisa’s pillow. This time her mother told her the truth. The reason was because there was a lady in white with a long hair who used to sit next to Lisa while she was sleeping and pat her hair and over and over…

Hope you enjoyed this story, hope it wasn’t too long!

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Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 4:02 AM

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