From: “Kelli Tharp” (
Subject: Backyard Ghost
Date: Monday, November 12, 2001 4:10 PM
Location: Alabama

Hey, I’ve been lurking for about a month. Nothing really very paranormal has happened around me until yesterday.

About two years ago, I moved onto a piece of land in the countryside of southern Alabama. It’s 2 1/2 acres with two fish ponds in the front of the property. We moved a new double wide trailer onto the land near the back of the property.

I have to put in a bunch of boring details because it all fits in to play with what happened.

We use the side door on the house because that’s the only door we have steps at right now and it’s easier to access. The side door opens into the laundry room, which opens into the den, which opens into the dining room, which opens into the kitchen. The den, dining room, and kitchen are in the back of the house, with windows looking out onto the backyard. The power pole is set back a bit from the house in the backyard.

The area around the power pole has always creeped me out. I just felt that something was there, maybe a spirit. At times I have felt like I was being watched and the radio has malfunctioned a few times, but nothing major so I always just shook it off.

Something happened last week that I’m reluctant to shake off. It was about 11:00 at night and I got the feeling I was being watched, so of course, I looked around. No animals were staring at me so I figure it’s my mind trying to freak me out. I was on the phone with my friend and we’re both into the paranormal and I told him that I felt like I was being watched. His response was something along the lines of “yea whatever.”

Then it got cold around where I was sitting (in the computer area). I thought that there may have been a draft. No windows were open and the heat was on. It was only cold around the computer area. I went into the kitchen, still on the phone, looking for the camera because I was gonna take pictures of the area because I was thinking “what they hey, it just might be a ghost”. I couldn’t find it and it was warm in the kitchen.

So then I walked back through the computer area (still very cold) and into the bathroom (warm). I looked in the mirror for a minute and then went back to the computer area where it was still cold. And as I did these things I told my friend on the phone what I was doing. He told me to try to communicate with the entity. He told me to ask “Is there a spirit here that I’m not aware of? Give me a sign” so I did. Then it got really hot within like two seconds.

My friend was like “Wow! Ask if it’s there to protect you or not. Ask for a sign.” So I did. (Now this I forgot to say earlier, my kitten has a cold and was breathing very loudly and sleeping on the sofa which is near the computer area so I could hear her.) Then I could no longer hear the kitten breathing loudly, but gently and softly like she should be breathing.

Then my friend told me to ask it “for what particular reason are you here?” So I did. Then I got really dizzy and fell out of the chair and bumped my head on the floor and in the process of all that I dropped the phone and apparently I screamed but I don’t remember screaming. But everything was back to normal like it was before it got cold. Then I picked the phone up and my friend was like “Holy sh*t! What just happened?!? What was the crash?!? Why’d you scream?!?” I don’t know what was going on but did I have contact with a spirit?

Something else I shook off was very recent. In fact, it happened two days before the sighting I’m getting to in this story. I was getting ready to go to the football game at my school. I had my jacket on and as I walked out of the bathroom to head to the game, it felt as if something or someone pulled on the back of my jacket, like it was trying to keep me in the bathroom, like it didn’t want me to leave. I figured it was my imagination but now I’m not too sure.

Ok now to the story I started this to write about.

It was Sunday afternoon at about 2:30 and it was a cool day (not too hot outside). Let’s see, the dateā€¦ November 11, 2001.

I was babysitting my niece and nephews while my mom and sister went Christmas shopping. My nephews had gotten thirsty so I was in the kitchen making koolaid for them. My youngest nephew was in the dining room looking out the window along with the dog (daschund). I glanced in there and he looked at me and smiled as small children tend to do. Then I continued with the making of the koolaid for the older boys.

Then all of a sudden the dog started barking like mad and Nick (the nephew in the dining room) said, “Kelli, who’s that guy?” (sometimes you can see the neighbors from the backyard) So I went into the dining room and looked out the window. There was nothing there. Not a thing in sight but that power pole. So then I looked at Nick and said, “Where? What guy?” and he pointed directly to the power pole and said, “The guy.” I looked again, just to be sure I wasn’t missing a person standing out there. Still nothing.

Just about then the dog ran to the side door and was going crazy, jumping at the door and barking. Nick followed the dog in there, so I, of course, followed as well. I opened the door to let the dog out and my nephew was standing in front of me and he looked out the door and gasped and said “The guy!” and pointed out the door and then he started to go out the door. I saw no guy, no person, no animal, nothing. I grabbed my nephew and pulled him back in the trailer and shut the door and locked it, all very quickly.

After that, I made my nephew stay in the kitchen with me while I finished up the koolaid. Then the rest of the time I was babysitting, I didn’t allow him to leave the room.

And I know the child was not imagining a guy being there. There had to be a guy there. The child is only two years old. He only knows of ghosts as being a white sheet. He knows if you put a white sheet on then you’re a ghost. That’s all he knows about ghosts, besides the fact that they’re “supposed to be scary”.

The childs mother has been able to see and since spirits and entities her entire life. I feel that he may have gotten her sixth sense. What do you think?

Oh and sorry this is so long. I’ve read some stories on the website that people apologize for the length and I don’t think they need to because those tend to be the short ones. But mine, on the other hand, is very long so I’m apologizing. If anyone wants to contact me my email address is

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