Subject: Queen Mary (wedding weekend)
Date: Friday, March 03, 2006 5:54 PM

This is a Queen Mary story that happened when we were there for my Aunt’s wedding.

It was the night before the wedding. We were trying to get some sleep so we could look good. I was supposed to sleep in a different bed without my grandma and grandpa, but I believe big time in ghosts so I slept with them. We got into bed and I asked my grandpa to turn on the bathroom light, but shut the door a little. He did, but the door kept swinging back open. My grandma and me thought he was doing it because who does not like to scare a 12 year old girl. Then he tried to shut the door again and sat down in bed, but it still swang open.

Now we were all a little puzzled and scared, so we just left the door how it was. There were a lot of funny things that happened that day so my grandpa started making fun of that stuff and making stupid jokes to try to make us all feel better. Then we heard running and laughing up and down the halls. My grandpa looked to see who it was and went to tell them to stop so we could get some sleep, but there was no one there.

The next day we were showing my mom and dad what happened. Like we did the night before, we shut the door a little, and guess what, it stayed like that. My mom and dad did not believe us because it would stay and not even open. We got ready for the wedding and it went great, but it ended around midnight. My grandpa’s daughter sees ghosts all the time and she knows how to deal with them. I told her what had happened and she said, “Well, before you go to sleep tell the ghost to go away because you have had a long night and you want to get some sleep because you did not let us get sleep the night before.” So we said that nice, loud, and clear. That night the door stayed the way we wanted and no one was running up and down the hallways.

So that’s my weird, cool story about what happened to me and my grandma and grandpa on the Queen Mary. I hope this did not scare you away from the Queen Mary because it is a great historical haunted ship.

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