I had just shared a ghost experience a friend told me and started thinking about my own experiences and remember this. We lived in a nice home in a good neighborhood when this happened. There was an empty lot next to our home. One early evening as I got home I found a bunch of police cars in front of my house and crime site tape across my front lawn. In a panic I asked the nearest cop what happend. He told me a young man was shot by a “drive by”, wounded but alive he ran in to the empty lot next to my home and was now in the hospital. I read in the paper that he died from his wounds that night. Soon after we began to hear banging on the outside wall that faced the vacant lot. We could also hear a young man crying in pain but very faint. When we went to look, ofcourse, no one was there. The finial straw was one sunny day as I was working on that side of the house playing my country music on my radio, I went in to get a beer. As I returned to my work the radio was switching stations by it’s self, very slowly, and ended up on a rap station. I hate rap music. So I shook my head and turned it back to my country music and went back to work when I heard a crash. The radio was on the ground about 5 or 6 feet away, broken, as if someone had kicked it. We never experienced anything odd in that house before this and have moved from that house and never experienced anything like that again.

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