Hey guys, this is the second out of 3 of my experiences with the paranormal and this one is quite a bit different then the last.

This happened about 6 months after I first saw Mrs Houston, and if you read the other story you’ll know that it was a fairly mild nice encounter… this one though gave me nightmares for quite some time afterwards.

I had heard a few stories about an old house on the corner of a street in the middle of our small town. Now nobody liked this house, everybody was creeped out by it, with good reason too. It was a fairly nice house in the day time, nice looking that is, but as I was awalking home from my Aunty’s house late one night, I looked up at the house as I passed it, and I saw something in the window (nobody was living in the house at the time).

I kept walking to get a closer look, I looked back up at the window and two large red eyes were watching me, and I could feel the WRONGNESS just leaking out of it, it was awful. I’m shivering just remembering those eyes watching me out of the window, following my movements as I turned and ran the rest of the way home.

There was something bad about those eyes that I cant explain, but it was not even nearly as terrible as what happened a year later, which I will write about next.

Date: Unknown
From: Anonymous

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