Subject: RidgeHome Detention Center
Date: Thursday, October 30, 2003 12:10 AM

My name is Stephanie. I live in Denver, Colorado. For Halloween this year a couple of classmates, from college, and I planned to go to a haunted place. Well we tried looking on the web for some haunted places that we could go to. A friend of mine that lived by me, told me about this children’s insane asylum in Arvada. He said that is was really haunted and explained some of the things that had happened when he went. He went in May of 2003. I guess (I do not know I was not there.) he and his girlfriend thought it would be fun to go and see what would happened. I will tell you but let me give you a little background about what happened there. A boy, about 13 years old, was sentenced to the insane asylum in Pueblo, Colorado, about two hours outside of Denver. But on “accident” he was sent to the RidgeHome. He got lose one night from his room and killed seventeen people. This happened in the 60s, I don’t know really when. You would think that they would have done something then. In the 80s there was a doctor who worked there “analyzing” the mental illnesses that the children had. Well instead of that he ended up rapeing some of the kids. You would think by then they would have done something, but it goes on. In the late 80s one of the janitors went “crazy” from being around all the children and killed one of the nurses. But wait that is not all. Another janitor tried to burn all the children and burned down one of the buildings. They used to put the children in cages and were really mistreating them.It later closed in 1991. My friend said that when he went a little boy fallowed him around. He said he didn’t see him but he heard him talkin to him and he heard him walkin behind him. He got so scared that they ran out of there as fast as they could. Well I was telling one of my classmates, Dion, about how I wanted to go to check it out. He said that he wanted to go to. A couple more of our classmates over heard us talking about it and they wanted to go too. I told them I would look and see if I could find some information about what happened. This all happened four days before we planned to go. We planned to bring camaras and camcorders. We were going to meet up in my apartments on halloween. Well just the other night I was lookin up on the internet to find information. Nothing came up. Matt, another classmate of mine, told me the name of it RidgeHome Detention Center. So I entered that into the search engine and one site came up. I went to click on it and the light in my room went out. I told my dad that my light had gone out, so he came and put another one in. But it still didn’t work. He said that there might be a short. Well I came to turn my computer off in my room, because I couldn’t see very well in the dark, and it was already off. I didn’t turn it off. I tried to turn my light on and it went on. So I got on again and clicked on the website. Then my computer turned off again. I checked to see if something was wrong. Some how my computer got unpluged. My light turned off again. Well by this time it was about 10:00 p.m. So I deciaded to go to bed cause I had class in the morning. I turned the switch to my light off. As I was laying down my dog started to scratch herself. My bed started to move, but I knew why. She stopped and I felt my pillow being pulled from underneathe my head. I got up right away and it was on the ground. But my dog was on the other side of the bed. It really tripped me out. I got a feeling all night that something was going to happen that was very wrong. When I woke up something weird had happend, my light was on. I remembered turning it off. I went to school and I was telling Dion and Kyle about what had happen that night. Dion said that I was just getting scared and he thought that I shouldn’t look up what happened because it would take all the fun out. A girl from my class over heard us talking about the center. She said that she had been there and that she didn’t think we should go. Not only cause if the cops come we will be arrested but because there is something really wrong with that place. She said even if we do go we will not come back the same. She told me that she still has to look over her shoulder. She couldn’t even really explain the way you feel. Just so much sadness. I told them that I wasn’t going to go. It was my idea but I just had a feeling. Just thinking about what had happened and the stories you hear about what goes on there makes you uneasy. That night I had a dream I was there and that I was alone. Some guy was talking to me but I couldn’t see him. I was walking in the hall and a little boy was looking at me all weird. I tried to run out of there and I wasn’t getting any were. A girl came and jumped on me and I started to scream. She was scratching me all over. I woke up and I was sweating like crazy, I had scratch on my face. I haven’t been there and I don’t plan on going there. Just by thinking and planning to go there. Stuff like this happens. I really do believe in trusting the signs around you and trusting your intution. I formly believe if I had gone something bad would have happend. The city of Arvada is planning on removing the buildings. It just seems so weird how now they plan of removing it and yet when all those bad things happened they did nothing. But we still don’t know everything that had happen there. Somethings were said to be classified.

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  1. I grew up about 1/4 mile from there. it was pretty horrid going by there every day on the school bus. Such a creepy place.

  2. The “stories” you posted are just that about Ridge Home. The murders did not happen, a disgruntled employee burned an abandoned building, the Doctor wasn’t raping the children and kids weren’t kept in cages. I am from the area about 1/2 mile born and raised. I also care for a woman that was a resident there, she’s 65 now. The patient abuse did happen, there were plenty of unanswered injuries. Such that one patient had their femur bone sticking our of their leg, dislocated shoulders happened a lot and one patient had 3rd degree burns from an unknown origin. It was a horrifying place to be as a patient, my lady still have PTSD from that place. In addition, I used to break into the abandoned buildings when I was in high school at night, it had an eerie feeling and quite creepy. We didn’t encounter anything like voices, orbs nor moving objects. It’s still a creepy place to go to and be near knowing that people suffered abuse in there. I’m certain it was haunted and the area may still have some action of EVPs. Please know what you have described of that place are all fabricated stories.

  3. Ridge home was for real. I have lived near there since 1972. Every time I go on Kipling near there. Near where super target is today. I get very Erie feelings. I have no doubt that ghosts of ridge home are there. Long before Kipling parkway went through. The Arvada cemetery is just at the top of the hill to the north. Also scary!

    1. I go to Target almost every day and I only knew about this an hour ago I have not encountered anything suspicious but yes I always had the feeling it was haunted up by the train tracks

  4. My great aunt was sent there by the State at age 4 ish. She had fallen from a swing and had a brain injury, State took her from her mother and she spent her life there. Goldie Schulke, died 1977. Sad to know she was taken from her family to live her life out in those walls and experimented on.

  5. I always had the feeling that it was haunted however I only knew about this an hour ago witch is creepy especially since I have had very bad dreams about that place and that it was haunted. Very creepy place.

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