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Date: Sunday, July 11, 2010, 3:16 AM

Name: Suzanne Shoemaker


Location: Reno, Nv.

On the outskirts of the sagebrush stricken highway that runs west of Reno, Nv—heavy with dust— there is a canyon that has been infamously labeled as “Haunted Robb Canyon.” Supposedly—back in the 70’s—four bodies were unearthed—their brutal murders were never resolved. Rumor—now legend—claims that if you go down into the canyon (specifically near the dead tree), you will experience the following: bloodcurdling screams, pronounced cold spots, full body apparitions, shadowy figures, “chopping” noises, disorientation and the feeling of “dread.”

So, that’s the story—I, being a paranormal researcher, decided to lead two separate investigations down into this supposedly haunted canyon. Here are my accounts:


After a three-hour inspection the day before—to familiarize ourselves with the territory— last night—between 11pm and 3am— eight of us ventured into Robb Canyon. After planning this ghost hunt for nearly a year, we were well prepared—equipped with both audio and video recorders (not to exclude a first aid kit, three heavy-duty flashlights, static electricity lantern, blanket, food and drink). And after close analysis of the previously reported haunts, we were ready to approach the canyon with both logic and open minds, while we searched and listened for “chopping noises,” “screaming,” “strange lights,” “shadow people” and “cold spots.” And although we were hopeful that every reported haunt was much more than a mere fabrication, we were, indeed, prepared to debunk every claim.

We went with a plan: we were to spend one hour (or so) on the cemented path—the one that begins at the Rainbow Ridge Park—and two hours in the back of the canyon (closer to the interstate) where the “dead tree” rests next to the creek—deep in this canyon’s dark, black heart . In the hour spent near the park, we experienced chopping noises that seemed to be coming from the creek and a patch of trees. This noise was faint and seemed to come in increments of fifteen seconds—but, however creepy, could simply be the promotional flags blowing in wind—the ones that sit on the upper right hand corner of the canyon in the new housing development (Note: there was no wind that we could feel or see). In the same area where the chopping was heard, two of us headed to the bank of the creek to attempt an EVP—a small, but distinct gasp is heard shortly before the audio was stopped.

At 2am—after a dangerous hike below the interstate—we arrived at the infamous “dead tree,” where we set up another camp; however, it is vital to note that before arriving at this destination, three of us experienced technical problems with our cell-phones—at exactly the same time: the pictures I had previously taken (near the chopping noises) were mysteriously deleted from my phone, and the other two cell-phones shutdown completely for a brief amount of time. Anyhoo, after the eight of us settled into a circle near the dead tree, an extremely curious and extremely cold “cold spot” joined us and continued to hover briefly in front of every individual—each of us held out a hand and followed it around the circle (this continued on for at least ten minutes and was the most remarkable of all personal evidence!)

Shortly after our experience with the cold spot, we divided into pairs— with a 20 to 50 foot separation—for EVP and video. While personally recording audio and after several attempts to get a response, the only reaction was triggered by a question concerning murder, when a cold spot seemed to move right through me as it turned my breath white and numbed my fingertips—lasting briefly before I remembered that it wasn’t winter! … Amazing! Note: when a different pair—in different location—also asked about murder, the same phenomenon occurred.

At exactly 3am— in the middle of our investigation— seven of us felt the overwhelming need to leave. I watched as the rest of the group—in a hurry— packed up and began to scurry to the nearest way out of the canyon. When we got home, one member offered an explanation to the sudden and abrupt departure: “If we had stayed, something would have gone down—I could feel it! I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to scare anyone, but the whole time there, the spirits were simply tolerating us … if we had stayed any longer, something bad would have happened.”

In conclusion, only one EVP was discovered, and we have only personal testimony as proof to our claims. Is Robb Canyon really haunted? Well, personally, I am not completely convinced; therefore, we will be heading back—in a smaller group—within the next two weeks. Although the cold spots—near the dead tree— were an amazing phenomenon, we—as a group—have decided that the part of the canyon that is closest to the park (where the EVP was retrieved) has the most potential, so that is where we will be closely investigating next time.

Personal accounts not mentioned above: being pushed to the ground, shadowy figures, feelings of dread, rustling of bushes on command (during an EVP), crackling branches and some audio equipment failure.

6/26/10 (full moon)—

My second Robb Canyon investigation began as 7 of us arrived at the Rainbow Ridge Park around 11pm—on a full moon. My plan was to attempt to debunk the “chopping noises” that were heard during our prior investigation, which occurred on the cemented trail below the park. I was also hoping to catch more EVP, and equipped with a better camera—hoping to catch the unexplainable on video or still-image. I had little interest in the dead tree area that is located deep in the canyon—though I had a feeling that I would end up hiking down there, yet again.

My first unexplainable experience took place when we first arrived at the park—as four of us stood outside of my vehicle—waiting for the other three to arrive—I heard what sounded like teenage boys shouting and laughing from somewhere below the park. I remember feeling disappointed that our near-future ghost hunt would have to be cut short, due to the canyon being occupied by a drunken group of teenagers; however, while walking down the trail—below the park—and after a four hour investigation of the entire canyon, the seven of us seemed to be the only ones there.

After settling on the cemented trail—near the creek where we had experienced the chopping noises and our first EVP—the moon was especially bright and all that was heard was an orchestra of frogs, crickets and a babbling brook; however, shortly after 12am, shadow figures began to scurry between trees and unexplainable noises began to be heard. Taking advantage of the moment, we split into two groups to perform EVP—one group crossed the creek and stood in a patch of trees, and the other—my group—stood on the bank of the creek where the shadowy figures were seen. In my group, two members reported seeing a somewhat transparent face in the bush where peculiar noises were being heard; however, when pictures were taken, only the bush could be seen. Although nothing concrete could be captured during those moments, three EVPs were recovered and remain unable to be debunked: while one member stated, “I think we should leave …” a female voice is heard saying “thank you,” and shortly before that, a male voice is heard saying what sounds like “bitch bitch” or “snitch snitch.” Also, the group on the other side of the creek caught the chopping noises on their audio, but did not hear this at the time of recording. Residual haunt?

At around 1am, it was decided that we would hike down into the canyon, where the infamous dead tree remains and previous cold spots were felt in our last investigation—nothing much was recovered here, but the same curious cold spots and an EVP that two members were able to debunk.

After hiking back up to the park, three members decided to depart, while the remaining four chose to record more EVP in the playground area. After some local residents have seemingly reported seeing child-like apparitions in this area, our group of four decided to sit ourselves directly on the play-equipment that consisted of a raised circular platform, a wooden bridge and steps that lead to a high slide. During our investigation here, I again heard what sounded like kids or teenagers partying somewhere in the canyon, and shortly after that, we experienced an extremely loud shuffle and/or footstep on the steps that lead to the slide, which was caught on audio. Also caught on audio—while attempting to communicate with a child spirit— was a long, but low female-oriented moan … After the loud shuffle was heard, panic was felt and it was decided that we should leave.

I have not yet analyzed the still images, nor have I uploaded the EVPs to my computer—I will post my evidence as soon as this is done. It is my opinion—after two thorough investigations of the canyon and surrounding park area—that Robb Canyon and Rainbow Ridge Park do carry paranormal activity. I do plan on leading another investigation into the playground area; however, I am satisfied with my findings in the canyon: the spirits near the dead tree seem to be at rest, lack the interest in human communication … and do not desire to be bothered. However, if you ever get the itch to do a little ghost hunting, Rainbow Ridge Park seems to be the home of some very interesting spirits, who seem to enjoy hunting you, as well. Happy ghost hunting J

Updated Information—

A week after our second investigation into Robb Canyon, our audio and still images were thoroughly examined and the following evidence was found …

EVP’s: in the same area where the “thank you” was heard, I was asking the spirits if they needed help in solving their murders—the response was “Go away!” And in the same area, when another team member asked the spirits to give a sign of their presence, the response was “Whatchu want?”

Still Images: although dust surrounded us the entire night, one picture—captured near the dead tree—reveals numerous amount of orbs that surround two team members while they convince each other to jump across one of the creeks.

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  1. Me and my friend went there around 10:00 p.m last night and didn’t know it was haunted he said this place is haunted you know I was terrified. I kept hearing noises like someone was tapping on something it was scary I finally asked him let’s leave and without questioning it we left.its really intriguing though

  2. I’m interested in doing an investigation at the Rainbow Ridge Park, I live down the street for there, do you have any advice? Please feel free to email me to contact me.
    Thank you, Sean

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