My stories all take place in Savannah, Georgia in 1994-1995, while I was in art school.

  • In my basement apartment outside Troup Square we had a ghost who usually dictated what we could and could not watch on TV at any given time. If I was watching the news the TV would automatically change to another channel. This was an old TV where you had to turn the dial to change the channel. Weirdly enough it really did not like talk shows…
  • Also in the same apartment: one night a friend and I were in the front room and we had just finished watching a movie when we heard the back door open and slam shut followed by loud footsteps that ran right past the door of the front room and out towards the front door. The really weird part is this: the back door was always locked AND we had our litchen table in front of it so no one could have opened the door without first moving the table.

The other instances took place at the apartment of a friend who lived two blocks away from me.

  • I had promised to meet my friend “Mark” at his place so we could walk over to our club meeting together. I got there to see that the outside light was on and it sounded like there were several people inside laughing and having a great time. I rang the doorbell, the laughter and chatter stopped, and the outside light went out. I left angry because I thought “Mark” was ignoring me. When I saw him at the meeting I confronted him and he was shocked. He told me (and then later proved it to me by showing me) that the outside light had no power and no bulb and that he had been delayed after class due to an issue he had needed to discuss with his professor.
  • Another time “Mark” had asked me to help him clean his apartment by assisting in the removal and carrying of the double doors from his closet (he had a washer/dryer combo in that closet). We placed the folded double doors behind his main door that led out to the courtyard and left to go have dinner. When we came back the doors were no longer behind the front door, but had been relocated to the opposite side of the room and were leaning against the closet doors. I should note that “Mark” lived alone and no one else had a key to his place.
  • In “Mark’s” apartment building (an old house that had been converted into apartments) there is one room that never has a temperature fluctuation. It can be the middle of summer (and 100 degrees outside), but it is always 55-60 degrees in that one room (there’s no A/C). The legend is that a young girl had been tied to a chair as punishment for misbehaving and had been left there by the servant (apparently the parents were away) for a few days and was later found dead due to dehydration. I did not experience this first hand, but this was told to me not only by “Mark”, but also by “Lori” who actually lived in the room and said that she never had to run the A/C in the summer and that running the heat in winter was futile because it never warmed her bedroom, just the rest of her apartment.

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