Story: When I was in 4th grade (I am in 5th now) I had a very peculiar experience at school. My school has been standing for almost 50 to 60 years. Since then there have been new sections added to the building, but that is for 6th grade to 8th grade, meaning that my classroom(s) is(were) located in the old section.

I have always found ghosts, aliens, mediums, that kind of stuff very interesting. But back then I wasn’t sure if I really believed in them or not (now I do). Then something happened that still haunts my nightmares today, almost a year later…

I was sitting in class, doodling on a piece of paper, and it was storming outside. There was lightning, thunder, rain, you know, all that stuff. Well,suddenly the lights go off, then turn back on. Several other students, my teacher, and I all stare up at the overhead lights to see if they were going to go off. And they did. It was dark. I was mad because I now couldn’t see my paper. Oh,woe is me!

Anyway,the teacher (who I will now call Mrs.Gr8Work!) asked me to go down to the office and ask if the lights would come back on. I eagerly accepted because I loved to be out in the halls alone. So Mrs.Gr8Work! handed me a mini-flashlight and a note. I flipped the flashlight on and started to the office.

While in the halls, I noticed how dark it was. There was no light coming in from the windows, due to the storm clouds. Total darkness. I gulped nervously and walked a little slower. I was getting a bad feeling…

Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked but saw no one. Than I heard laughing, girl’s laughing. I was scared because this laughter was not human. It sounded evil… And that sounded corny… Anyway, as soon as the laughter stopped, the lights came back on.

I never figured out what really happened that day… But I suspect it was something to do with the supernatural. What do you think?

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