Note: For more information about this and other ghost lights, check out my book The True Ghost Stories Archive: Spooklights, available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. Below is a condensed version of the chapter in the book.

Location: Senath, Missouri

Appearance: White or yellow rapidly moving lights that may chase a car or lead it down the road. Some report their vehicles stalling at the site.


  1. The light is said to be the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in an accident.
  2. Another tale tells of a woman carrying a lantern, searching for her husband who was hung from the “Hanging Tree” on the road.
  3. A slight variation of number two has the woman searching for her lost daughter.
  4. The light is the ghost(s) of one or more sisters who died in a house fire after one of them left a lantern burning in the window to summon her boyfriend.

Other explanations: Perhaps car headlights or swamp gas.

Additional notes: Two nearby sites, Lulu Cemetery and Crybaby Bridge, are also associated with the ghost light. In the early 2010s, the trees around the main viewing point on the road were pruned, which has dramatically cut down on the number of sightings.

Reader Comments:

“We shut off the car, flashed our headlights 3 times and waited. After about 30 minutes we saw what appeared to be a car approaching. I’d say it was a 1/4 of a mile from us when we realized it was only one light. It was a ways back then all of a sudden it jumped towards us then backed off then it was coming back. The driver decided to drive into the light. It was like playing chicken then it just disappeared. Rumor has it that a nearby cemetary “Lulu” is also haunted, we personally have yet to experience anything there. Although just past the cemetary is a bridge known to locals as “Crybaby Bridge”. If you park on the bridge you can sometimes hear a baby crying. We have heard the sounds on numerous occassions but have no explanation for it.” – Fmotes, November 1999

“Apparently when you drive by that cemetery the there is a wrought iron fence around it. When you drive by on the way to see the light, the gate is closed. When you get to the road, you park and flash the lights three times to “summon” the ghost light. Then it appears, If you let the light get close enough to touch your car, the car will stall. Then when your drive past the cemetery on the way home the gate is open. We “summoned” the light and it appeared We were far back enough from the highway that we could see cars passing occasionally, but they were passing behind the light. It was far enough away and so bright that it shined in the hood of the car. I grew bigger and smaller and changed colors also.” – Kammie, February 2000

“We were about 2 miles away from where it was suppose to be on an field road going a weird way because we got lost when we actually seen the light. The only thing was that it was going from side to side. It was also changing brightness. We stopped right there, and the light stopped also. What was weird is when we turned my head lights out it was still there, so it could not be my headlights beaming off something. we drove about a half mile on the small field road without head lights, and then I ran off the road into the side ditch. We got out all right but I decided to drive with my headlights. The whole time the light was still in front of us and kept going. We followed the light for about another mile going down this field road and following the light then all the sudden it just like brighten up and hit the whole front end of my truck. The truck like stalled but didn’t die. Then as soon as it brightened it up, it went away.” Anonymous, November 2003

“When we decided to leave, we were going to drive down to the bridge and go to the cemetery, [and] a huge bright light started chasing us. There was no one behind us at the time we started the truck to leave, but Chris looked in his rear view mirror and asked when a truck had turned onto the road. When we turned around to look at it, it was gaining on us and we were doing about 60 trying to get out of there. When we crossed the road the light disappeared, just like it was never there.” – Amber, February 2004

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