Ghost By The Train Tracks

It was a warm summer day when my cousin, Jesse, and I were visiting our grandparents’ house. We were just recently riding our bicycles around the neighborhood, not doing much besides that, when we decided to stop by the small hill that overlooked train tracks that have been there since as long as I can remember, probably since a long time before I was born. We just sat there talking for a while, watching a few trains go by every now and then, maybe fifteen to thirty minutes in time from them going by, until we decided to go down to the actual train tracks to look around at a stuff that was lying around.

Out of the stuff we found down there, there were soda cans, a glass bottle, and a shoe. Just normal stuff that people would dump once they were done using it, or didn’t want it anymore. We decided to continue on our exploration of the stuff for a little while until I felt a chill run down my back, my head got hazy, and I felt like we were being watched. I scanned the area, looking towards the factory that was over another hill on the other side of the train tracks, thinking that maybe it was someone from there, yet I saw nobody outside or any sign of life from there.

I continued looking around until I saw this gray, transparent figure, standing about a foot at the most off the ground. It seemed to be an older man, looking like he was in his seventies, wearing a suit like he was going somewhere fancy. He had what seemed to be a top hat on, too, and a cane. Also, a fuzzy beard going about an inch or two down from his chin. I only saw him for about a second, and that was all I was able to take in before he vanished.

The weird thing was, throughout all of this, that shoe that Jesse and I found was in my mind vividly, while we had left it behind while looking at the trash that laid on the tracks. But after seeing the ghost, whether it was one or not, and maybe just my mind playing tricks on me, because Jesse was looking the other way when I saw it and surely wouldn’t have had a chance to even give it a slight glance, I insisted that we leave and so we did, heading back to our grandparents’ house.

Later that night, though, Jesse got us into a little talk about ghosts and all, and I told him about the ghost I saw at the train tracks, he believed me, surprisingly, but he said it was only because he, too, had a funny feeling when standing there, and that was the only reason why he agreed to leave.

So out of all of this, I have no idea whether the ghost and the shoe were connected, or if anybody else had the chance to get a glimpse of this ghost. I never went into any research of the train tracks, because I know some death had to occur along them at some point of time, no matter what that portion of the train tracks used to be. So, it is up to you to believe my story. I’ve just kept it locked up for so long now that I just wanted to let it out. So there you have it.

•Please keep my email and all anonymous from everyone else if you decide to post it. Thanks.

•All of what I said is based on facts of what I saw that day. And as I said, I am not entirely sure if the ghost was an actual ghost, or just a figment of my imagination, but I am doubting the latter, for I really don’t think I would be able to come up with a guy like that.

From: Anonymous
Subject: Ghost By The Train Tracks
Date: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 12:25 PM

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