From: (Sean Hummel)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Ghost in my sister’s house.
Date: 23 May 1995 10:28:34 GMT

My sister, lives with her boyfriend and two other male friends in a large 18th century house in Montana. (She only recently moved there.)

The two guys moved in first about a week before my sister. The first night after my sister and her boyfriend arrived, she was awakened, and thought she saw a shadow in the doorway. When she noticed that it couldn’t be a shadow, she woke her boyfriend and told him to look over at the door. As soon as he did the shadow (which was in the shape of a man by the way.) ducked down and crawled underneath their bed. (Of course this scared them both.) They both got up ran out of the room. After checking under the bed, they spent the remainder of the night on the couch.

The next morning when they were all eating breakfast, the two guys that had moved in earlier, said they had had similar encounters. Once when waking up to go the bathroom, one of them had run into him in the hallway. The roommate thought it was the other roomate, but when the shape did not respond , he began backing up , eventually into a wall. Where the shape walked right up to, and then right through him! Needless to say he didn’t need to go to the bathroom anymore.

The other roomate said he didn’t believe the first roomate’s account. HE thought he must have been imagining things. The next night though the other roomate was waken up suddenly. He noticed that the bed was wrong, there was too much weight on the other side of his queen size bed. When he looked over to the side, he noticed that there was a person laying beside him, but the person was all black as if a shadow. When he spoke, the person suddenly disappeared.

The first two roommates were both thoroughly scared now, and went back to the landlord to get their money back. The landlord asked what was wrong and when they told her what had happend they were suprised when she just laughed and laughed. She told them this was “Frank” (she didn’t know his/its real name.) And that he generally did similar stunts to welcome people when they first arrived. He wouldn’t do this twice (at least not if past experiences held true.) and they said he often was a big help. For instance once when the previous tenants were out for a week, someone decided it would be easy to hit the house. When the police finally got there the would be burglar was pounding on the door from the inside begging to get out! Apparently he had been suprised by Frank, who kept locking the door over and over, and then according to the burglar’s description moved the kitchen chairs around to keep him from going anywhere.

Having been made aware of this ghost be for my first visit, I decided it would be a fun experiment to take a video camera with me. I set it up to record when I pushed a button, so that I would push this button when I first woke. Well the next morning I woke up and thought that nothing had happened, perhaps Frank hadn’t come to visit me. Since I was just passing through I collected and packed everything up. When I finally to my destination at Mt. Rushmore, I took out my Video Camera and started recording. Unfortunately my battery was dead. And all batteries I tried after that were also dead. Figuring I had been stupid enough to forget to recharge them, I took the normal photographs and then headed back to my sister’s place. I was not there for the night this time but I plugged the video camera in to record my sisters house for my other siblings and parents. What I found was really suprising the tape was already at the end. Strange the tape had been bought just the day before, well I rewound it and played it on the television. The first hour was just me sleeping. At this point we figured I had just fallen asleep on the switch, then at 12:03am the camera did something strange, it MOVED! As if someone was actually moving it! There weren’t any footsteps or the sound of breathing from the camera operator. The camera moved around a little erratically at first and then moved towards me, where it zoomed on my face. Well at this point I thought it must have been my sister or her boyfriend. But then my hair started moving in ways as if someone was running a hand through it. (It wasn’t my hand) But you couldn’t see anything in my hair! Then the camera moved back to where it had been originally and filmed me sleeping somemore.

Since I sleep very deeply Frank probably could not rouse me when he was his hand through my hair. HE probably was planning to scare me the same way he did everyone, but he probably couldn’t rouse me. (Suprise.)

Anyway I have not been to my sister’s house since but she has siad that they have noticed little things having gotten done, for instance Frank actually does the laundry if they put clothes in the washer. It starts up all by itself! Also Frank has even been credited with doing little favors like rolling up car windows on visiting friends cars, when it started raining (it starts really suddenly there.) Also the cat gets fed sometimes even when no one has been there for a day.

Anyway Frank has turned out to be a very friendly ghost except for the first night encounters (which the landlord calls Frank’s test.) I’ll keep you updated on Frank’s further adventures.


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