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First I would like to tell you that you cannot e-mail me at this address, but the address that you can use and post is da_lil_pest05@yahoo.com

I’m from Virginia. The following story took place on Barksdale Street, Dale City.

It happened on my 9th birthday. I was having a sleepover with 4 other girls all around my age. We were doing the usual thing girls of that age would do and then we all decided to play “see how long we can stay with the lights off” because we were all afraid of the dark. So we all got situated on my bunk bed.

Ok to set up the scene my bunkbed is parallel with the door, so we could all see the door clearly. We turned out the lights and just sat there and giggled, all huddled up under the covers of course. We were all facing the door (the light switch was there, so in case one of us couldn’t handle it anymore
we could just jump up and turn it on) so we were all looking towards that way. Then suddenly this figure walks right through the closed door! It started walking towards the bunkbed. The guy was tall (well, tall to us since we were short 9-10 year olds) and he was wearing a looong black trench coat and carried a cane. I didn’t really make out his face so I don’t really know if he was old or young, but he was caucasian. But all of this (the walking towards us and makin out what he looked like) it all only lasted like 3 seconds, cuz as soon as we saw that thing we jumped off the bunk (screaming of course) and turned the light on on our way out the door and down the stairs (the stairs were straight out the door to the right). Although it only lasted like less than 3 seconds it felt like forever cuz I was watching him walk toward us. It was soooooooo scary.

Of course after we all ran downstairs screaming and telling my parents they were like “yeah right, it was something else, just your imagination.” Even now when I tell new friends they say “It was probably your brother or your dad sneaking in on you or playing a trick on you” but I know for a
fact it wasn’t because, first of all the man walked straight through the closed door and second, the guy was caucasian, and the only person in my family that is caucasian is my mother (and it was not her either). Plus we could’ve heard if someone was coming up the stairs. Oh (and sorry I’m going on and on) but it wasn’t just my imagination because still to this day I ask my friend (just to see if i’m sane) if she remembers what happened at my 9th birthday and she says she does and explains to me what he looked like. So yeah. Very creepy but I never saw him again.

Other strange things happened, but not too big. Maybe if you want to hear about them you can e-mail me. It would be a very short story though anyways. Well thank you for taking your time for reading this. Sorry its so long.

~lurker for a couple of weeks now 😛

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