Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 18:27:29 -0700 (PDT)
yourname Allie

Last Goodbye for Smudge

I have always been pretty interested in the paranormal, and
I have had several “experiences” that, after reading many
of the stories on this site,I have decided to submit. Here
is one, which happened when i was around, oh, 6 years old or
so. (I am now 13) Okay, here it goes!!

I had many baby-sitters when I was little, and I always have
been very close to them. (I have even been in the weddings
of 2 of them, one of which this story relates to)
The one babysitter that was my very favorite, Rene’ (I was
in her wedding) was going to college at Cardinal Stritch,
which is very near where I live, outside of Milwaukee, WI.

She lived temporarily near the school, but her parents’
house was in Garfield, Ill. I went and stayed with her at
her parents’ home for several days. My parents had come to
see me, but later left to go back home, while I stayed
awhile. One night in the rec room of Rene’s parents’ home,
I was sitting on the couch facing the open doorway which led
to the hall. All of a sudden, I saw my grey & white cat,
Smudge, appear in the doorway and bound quickly into the
room, only to kinda disappear. I remember he looked like a
streak, or smudge. Rene’s parents had no cats, but Rene
had a white toy poodle, Penny, which I don’t think was there
at the time. Anyways, I don’t think I could have mistook
her for Smudge. (And, the figure dissapated away, and I’m
pretty sure the dog couldn’t do that) I was extremely
freaked out, and told the incident to Rene’, asking if I
could call home. On the phone, I asked my dad if Smudge was
alright. He said the cat was fine. I was puzzled, but,
being 6 years old, let it pass. After I returned home, my
mom took me aside and said–“Dad didn’t want to upset you
while you were away, but when we came home after seeing you
we found Smudge dead.” I still talk about this with my mom,
and she thinks Smudge was saying “a last goodbye”

That was really freaking-deaky. If you want to hear more
of my stories (none of them as interesting, I don’t think)
or some of my friends’ stories, feel free to e-mail me and
let me know. One friend has a story about a possessed boy
in Alaska, the other about a haunted house that’s not far
from my house. I also can tell you about when I think I saw
my guardian angel, and THE DAY THE DOORKNOB TURNED.
DUM DUM DUUUMMM!!! Okay, anyways, that’s it for now!!
Hope to hear from my adoring fans!!


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