Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 14:01:38 EST
Subject: Ghost Light


Here is an account of a ghost light. My son and I went out into a field @ around 11:30pm one night last September on the outskirts of St. Albans, England. I had seen strange white unexplained lights the two previous nights before and wanted to show my son.

We saw the two white strange lights high in the night sky, hovering silently, however these were not the ghost lights, as they might have been from a weather ballon or similar explainable object. I looked to my right into the field, as I had a strange sensation which compelled me to look that way. Low on the ground, about grass height was a bright glowing hovering light, maybe the size of a tennis ball.

Once we both spotted this we were totally spooked. The lights in the sky didn’t bother us that much, but combined with that red glowing thing on the ground we totally freaked and started running out of the field. I haven’t seen it since, it’s been cold, but when it gets warmer I shall go exploring again.

I know its a bit of a boring story, but its true and we both saw it.

Many Thanks
Love & Light
Elvira Backler

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