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Location: St. Louis, Saskatchewan

Appearance: A round, bright light that appears white, red or sometimes green. Some people report hearing the sound of a phantom locomotive at the site. Others claim that cars will not start again once turned off.


  1. The light is said to be the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in an accident.
  2. A slight variant tells that the light is the ghostly headlight of a phantom train.
  3. Another variant claims the light is a railway worker looking for a baby who died on the train in a derailment.

Other explanations: Very likely car headlights from a section of highway about five miles distant.

Additional notes: The St. Louis Light appeared on a stamp series by the Canada Post in 2014, marking it as one of the most famous ghost stories in Canada.

Reader Comments:

“When we got there we were scared to turn off the car because we were told that the car wouldn’t start again. At first the light flickered on and off. Then the light began to stay on more. It swayed back and forth as a train and walking beside it was the lantern just floating in the air beside the train light. Later in the night we heard the train whistle and saw red and green lights.” – Anonymous, February 1999

“When Bob was a teen, there was a lot of hype about this St. Louis ghost light. What was it? Nobody really knew. So being the bad-ass teenager that my dad was, one night him and a few friends decided o check this “light” out. After about 30 minutes of waiting outside in the chilly night air, they decided to head back home. But as soon as they turned to get back in the cars, this enormous light erupted, lighting up the night air, like it was 2 in the afternoon. It was just this huge ball of light on the train tracks, and it sort of looked like it could be the headlight of a train. As he walked toward it, the light moved back. But the second he turned his back, it engulfed him. He ran back to his car as fast as he could. But for some odd reason, the car wouldn’t start.” – Anonymous, September 1999

“The light begins by appearing as a faint glow apparently just behind the trees that border the abandoned rail line/now narrow pathway, on the right hand side, seemingly on the horizon. It then seems to move to the center of the path, whereupon it grows both in size and brightness, briefly reaching a magnitude considerably greater than, say, the planet Venus. The light is pure white initially. After reaching a peak of brightness, it quickly vanishes, and is usually (but not invariably) replaced in a few seconds by a red light that is never more than a pinpoint, of no discernible shape. This red light seems to wobble for a few seconds, then disappears, leaving blackness.” – Terry, August 2000

“It only took a few minutes before a white light started to shine on the track up ahead. It came towards us at a steady pace, with the light shining brighter and brighter. After a few minutes the light went away. All of a sudden it vanished and was followed by a bright red light. I was amazed at how fast the light was moving. It kept getting closer and brighter. And then it too just vanished.” – Anonymous, August 2000

“I remember the first time I saw the light – the tracks were still there, and it would have been around ’81 – and my parents, being new to the area, actually thought that there was a train coming. So, yes, it does look a lot like an old train. We came upon a level farm road crossing of the tracks a mile south of the crossroads where we stopped the truck, and my father applied the hand brake (ignition off). All I really remember is my parents getting out of the truck to take in the unusually bright glow over the horizon and to the south. As the light got to its brightest, the truck suddenly, and rather slowly, rolled back off the tracks and came to a sudden halt again.” – CK, March 2002

“The first night that we were there, it appeared very brightly. It was extremely bright, where it was reflecting off of the hood and the windshield of the car. It was triangular, although I have never heard of it being shaped in such a way before. It stayed out, fading once in a while until we left. We went back the next night, and it was out once again. This time it was circular in shape, and when we would flash our headlights at it, it would glow brighter and brighter until it was nearly blinding us it was so bright. On both occasions it ranged from red to orange in color, and every once in a while it would fade to yellow. It would seem to travel on the path that the railroad tracks used to lie on, and as soon as it would start coming closer, it would go out and then reappear farther down the tracks.” – Anonymous, April 2002

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