The Ghost That Weeps.

People have been hearing a young girl crying, coming from the attic of old Stapeley house. My friends and I decided to go up there to see if we could find any evidence of a ghost. We went up into the dark attic, and up into the loft. Everything was dark, and my Dad wouldn’t let us turn on the torch, so we couldn’t see anything. Ella and Jo (names changed) went up onto the roof, and saw something engraved into the slates, ‘I WEEP’ like the crying girl had written it.

We went back into the main part of the loft, and then decided to go up onto the roof on the other side. We were chatting, and then my Dad told us to be quiet. I asked why and he told us he had heard banging. We went silent, and heard it too. It was a slow continuous banging, that wouldn’t stop. We decided to get the hell out of there. We went silently down the stairs, but the banging continued, and we could also hear scraping coming from under the stairs, under our feet. We were so scared, because we were the only ones in the house. As soon as we got out of the door to the loft, the banging and scraping stopped.

There is a room that is said to be the most haunted room in the house. As we passed that room, we noticed something that we hadn’t noticed when we came up. The door frame to the haunted room looked like it had been slashed at with a knife. Spooky… As we went downstairs, every door we passed was open and they hadn’t been before. People still hear the weeping of the young girl…

From: “Megsy”
Subject: The ghost that weeps
Date: Saturday, September 17, 2005 10:37 AM

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