From: “Steven B Wallis” (
Subject: Them Weird Lights
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 02:29:35 -0500

Weird! I’ve never even heard of Ghost Lights until now. I think I may have seen one. I never thought much of it until I read your page.

In college I used to live in this kind-of cruddy old house that was built in the early 50’s. Everyone that lived there has had MANY ghost stories i.e. hearing people walk into the house in the middle of the night only to find no one there; going to turn the TV off only to find out that it’s not on. One time I was in my room and I heard a shuffle in the kitchen and one of the kitchen chairs had “moved” all by itself into the middle of the den. It totally freaked me out (I cried and ran out of the house!) because I was alone. ANYWAY – the ghost light. One night I woke up from sleeping around 4am to notice this very tiny hovering ball of white light probably no more than 1 foot and 1/2 from my face. I remember the ball faintly lighting up the room. I slowly nudged my girlfriend and – poof – it was gone! This whole event lasted around 5 seconds so I can’t rule out the fact that I could’ve been dreaming. However, I am a notoriously light sleeper and have never had anything like that ever happen before. It was bizarre. I moved out of that house a couple of years ago and have never had anything like those events happen again.

Steve Wallis.

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