Subject: Strange Things 2
Date: Friday, April 07, 2006 5:35 PM

Okay, update time. Names have still been changed.

Some of my friends – Colette, Katie, and Lucy from the incident with
Raop, plus Nikky and Rose, and myself, have a study group that meets at
the library on Saturdays. The week before last, which was the first
time I came to the study group, it was just Nikky and Katie and I. Lucy
and Rose hadn’t come, and Colette had left early.

The library is set up thus: You walk into the lobby, then though the
door to come into the actual library. Go straight, and you’ll pass the
computers, into the lounge area, next to which is the nonfiction
section. In the far corner of the nonfiction section, the three of us
were hanging out. Nikky and Katie had pulled up stools, and I was lying
on the floor, with my head towards them. Katie was talking about how
here and at her house, she often felt like someone was behind her, only
to turn and find out no one was. We started to talk about how cool it
would be to get trapped in the library with a serial killer (in
retrospect, that’s not very cool), and a guy came up behind Nikky,
looking for a book. He tapped her and said “Excuse me,” because she was
right in his way, and she jumped a mile into the air. I thought it was
funny, but I think it added to Nikky’s apprehension of what happened
last week.

Last week, Katie, Nikky, Colette, and myself came back, along with Rose
and Lucy. We went to Subway’s and Carvell’s, and then came back to the
library. Katie mentioned how she always felt like someone was behind
her, and Lucy said, “Well, the library’s haunted.”

Some of us scoffed and some gasped, and I count myself as somewhere in
the middle, because I said, “How do you know?”

Lucy explained how she could feel it, and then told us about her ex
boyfriend, who now lives in Florida. This boy could actually SEE the
ghost, and not just sense him, or her. Lucy led us to the corner of the
nonfiction section – the VERY SAME SECTION where Nikky, Katie, and
myself had hung out the previous Saturday. Lucy said the ghost was
angry with us for invading his corner. Much to the amusement of Rose,
we apologized to thin air. As Lucy got closer to the corner, she was
getting visibly freaked. She suddenly stopped.

“I can’t go past here,” I remember her saying. “My mood ring’s gray.”

“So?” I asked.

“Mood rings don’t TURN gray!”

I looked at her mood ring. Indeed, it was a grayish color that had
nothing to do with Lucy’s mood. “Purple’s the color of fear in this
ring,” I remember Nikky saying. “I got it for her.”

Rose was skeptical, and asked how we were doing this. I replied with:
“Lucy’s psychic.” Rose said she was as well, but she only has psychic

For about twenty minutes, Nikky, Katie, Rose, Colette, and I followed
Lucy as she ran down aisles, stopped short, turned around, ran again,
stopped, stared, ran again, and this continued for awhile. During this
time, a clicking appeared to follow us, coming from the vents in the
low ceiling, but when this was pointed out, I shot it down as power of
suggestion. Which I’m sure some of it was. Fed up, Colette and Rose sat
back in the lounge area, intending to actually get some homework done.
At one point, the four of us remaining on Ghost Patrol were standing
near the corner.

“It’s staring right at us,” Lucy said. “We can’t see it, but it’s
staring right at us.”

Then, one of us decided to take a cell phone picture of the ghost. We
went back to the ghost’s corner, and Nikky put her cell phone in camera
mode. Through the lense, Katie insisted she saw something. I myself
didn’t see it, but Nikky did, too. But once we actually took a picture,
nothing was there. We tried from a different angle, taking two pictures
with Lucy’s phone, and this time we got something. The first picture
showed white mist, very close to the camera, and the second picture
showed the same white mist, further away. Lucy turned to Katie. I
remember this conversation clearly:

“Remember Rose’s dream?”

“What dream?” I asked.

“White fog, coming closer and closer.”

Rose wasn’t even present; as I said, she and Colette had gone back to
the lounge area. But still, that was weird.

The four of us joined Colette and Rose, and I noticed Lucy looking very
freaked out. I took one of her hands, intending to try and calm her
down, and found it ice cold. Lucy said the spirit was bad, and
continued on to say that its aura wasn’t a good one.

“Can you sense my aura?” Katie instantly asked. Lucy took one of her
hands, held if for a minute, then pressed her palm to Katie’s.
According to Lucy, Katie was 90% good, and the 10% that was bad, was
when she got annoyed, she would yell at the person who annoyed her for
a long time. Lucy read everyones’ aura except Nikky, and I was very
skeptical until she reached me.

“96% good, and the 4% is getting pissed off really easily, and not
wanting to show it because you’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings,”
Lucy said.

I have never showed myself to be pissed off in front of my friends. And
the group of girl’s I’m friends with, if they notice you’re upset, they
will ask what’s wrong. If I get annoyed around my friends, I hide it
and I’m good at hiding it. I’ve never been asked “Oh, Lindsay, what’s
wrong?” because no one notices, thankfully. If I wanted them to, they
would. But now I believe that Lucy is way more psychic than I thought.

Later, when we were actually doing homework in the lounge area, Lucy
had to go to the bathroom. Afraid to be on our own in this library
anymore, we all were relieved when she asked Rose to accompany her.
When they came back, they insisted the hand dryer – the one that blows
hot air onto your hands instead of using paper towels – had turned on.
Neither of them had touched the on button.

“It’s automatic,” I felt obligated to point out. “There IS no on

The two of them insisted they had been nowhere near it, but I was still

Later, when we were about to leave, Nikky, Katie, Lucy, and I were
hanging out near the ghost’s corner. Lucy told us about how her ex
boyfriend, who had actually seen the ghost, would go against the
obvious wishes of it. He would sit in the corner, reading a book and
listening to loud music. Lucy said he was standing, one day, right
where the four of us were, and saw a figure walk past, look at him as
if to say “Go away.” And keep on its way. According to Lucy, he lunged
to look to see where the figure had gone, but it wasn’t there, as if it
had walked through the books.

Needless to say, when we left, we were freaked out. Tomorrow – Saturday

  • our study group meets up again at the library. I’ll be sure to update.

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