Subject: Strange Things 3
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 4:07 PM

Hey, it’s me again, updating. Nothing too weird happened on Saturday.
The only things that happened were very small.

Our friend Masey joined us this week, and Nikky wasn’t there. Masey and
Rose were sitting at a table in the library, and Colette, Katie, and
Lucy were hanging out in the Corner, as we’ve come to call it. I
reminded them that Lucy herself had said we should steer clear, and she
replied that she felt perfectly comfortable. So, we started talking,
Katie and Lucy sitting on stools, Colette on the floor, and myself
standing, leaning against the shelf. I happened to see a book that said
TOLKEIN on the spine, and being the Lord of the Rings geek that I am,
leaped across Colette, Katie, and Lucy to pick it off the shelf and
thumb through it. Lucy turned to me.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” I remember her saying.


Apparently, I had run too fast, or something. The aura had gotten
stronger. Maybe I had jumped right into the ghost, or something. I
really don’t know. We returned to Masey and Rose, and nothing else
strange happened until we were leaving.

Masey, Katie, and Rose were picked up before Colette, Lucy, and I, so
the three of us were hanging out in the lobby. Lucy’s mother came
before Colette’s dad and my mom, so Lucy attempted to open the door,
which was an automatic job. It didn’t open, so she opened it herself,
causing it to refuse to close again. Fifteen minutes after she’d left,
it started working again. This is probably just a screwup in the door,
but since Lucy is the only one of us who can really sense the ghost, it
could be more. Probably isn’t, but it could be.

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