So I had these real messed up things happen in my old house in Bristol. It was a rental house, and I don’t know how many people lived in it before my family moved in. It was me, my mom, dad, and younger sister. We didn’t expierence anything for a few months, but after a while, my lil’ sis complained of feeling real cold at night, even though it was summer and our AC had been down for weeks. She said that she would wake up absolutely freezing and would have to pull all her blankets on. My mom would find her sweating like crazy in the morning cause the blankets would still be on her.

Then I had a friend come and sleep over one night, and we stayed with my sister in her room. I woke up pretty late in the night and could hear my friend crying real quiet. I called her name twice but she didn’t answer me so I thought she was having a bad dream. I went back to sleep. The next morning she said that she hadn’t fallen asleep at all and that while she was looking around my sister’s room she happened to see an “old lady sitting on top of our computer, reading a strawberry shortcake book!” Strawberry shortcake is this kid’s character thay had books and dolls of, and my sister had a book that she brought around everywhere as a baby. I know cause she would ask me to read it to her a million times! I didn’t believe my friend, I thought she was trying to be funny but she asked to leave early after breakfast. When I went back upstairs to fold my sleeping bag, I noticed the strawberry shortcake book lying on top of the computer! There’s no way it should have been there cause it was packed up into my sister’s “baby box” before we moved and the box was somewhere up in the attic! There’s no way my sister would have gone up to get it because it’s a ceiling entrance to the attic and even with a chair she wouldn’t be tall enough or strong enough to open it!

Another time my sister and I were both out sleeping over friend’s houses and my mom said that late at night she woke up to the smell of perfume. She said that she had gone into my sister’s room to find one of her perfume bottles knocked over on the dresser, and the stereo was on.We didn’t have any animals in the house for stuff to be knocked over and my mom had been cleaning house earlier so she would have noticed before if the stereo was on.

One other thing that I think is pretty funny is that after we moved out of the house to a new place we made sure everything was off and locked up tight. A couple days later, the landlord called up our new residence yelling at my mom for “turning the heat all the way up before leaving!” It had been that way for a few days before the landlord discovered it! We made sure the heat was off as well as everything else. Weird!

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 14:10:35 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Kelly Hill
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