From: “Glenda Howell”
Subject: Evil in the Closet
Date: Saturday, March 11, 2006 6:08 PM

This is a true ghost story that happend to me about a year ago. I’m not too good at introductions so I’ll just get to the story.

I was staying over at a friends house. We’ll just call him Sid. We were messing around, thinking of things to do, when he mentioned his house being haunted. Being the skeptic I am I rolled my eyes, thinking it was just something he was making up for the hell of it.

He began assuring me it was true. There was a room at the end of a hallway in his house. It was pretty empty but it contained a closet and a small table against the wall. Recently it was Sid’s room but he was too afraid to
continue staying in it.

It was pretty late at night and his mother was asleep, and the house had a sort of unnerving feeling to it as it was. Still refusing to believe his BS, I was soon dared to stay five minutes in the haunted closet. I was instantly unnerved, but refusing to show my fear, I confidently accepted the dare and went in the closet.

The dare was to last five minutes, so I set my watch to time myself. It was a fairly large walk-in closet but very narrow. There was a very eerie feeling in the closet but I ignored it and waited patiently. The five minutes lasted what seemed to be hours and I was ready to get the hell out of there.

But as soon as I turned the door knob, it stuck. Starting to panic, I tried to calm myself down, assuring myself it was Sid playing a joke. I started pounding on the door and the lights flickered. I felt a chill on my neck but continued pounding on the door.

About a minute later I looked down and started crying in fear, closing my eyes tight. I didn’t want to look up at her/him/it. I knew she/he/it would be staring straight at me. I was pounding so hard on the door my knuckles were bleeding.

Eventually the door opened and I fell down crying on the floor before darting out of the room. I could still feel the chill on my neck. Sid was trying to find something to pick the lock, saying that he didn’t hear a word out of me and was beginning to worry. This was very odd as I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and before I saw the “ghost” we had talked briefly while I was in the closet.

We woke up his mother and she didn’t believe us at all. Neither did mine the next morning.

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