Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 21:05:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: The Story Page
Subject: Story Submission

On April 12, 1997, my mother-in-law committed suicide in our home by tying a plastic bag over her head. Shortly after, strange things started happening that we have yet to explain. On numerous occasions my cellular phone called my house. The number showed up on my caller ID. The cell phone was in the car, but there were no people in the car.

On one occasion my husband and I were standing outside the car in the garage. The phone in the garage rang (it’s connected to the house phone). We decided to let the answering machine get the call and we got in the car and left. I had to go back and get some computer parts for my husband. I checked the caller ID and it showed the only call to be my cellular number. When I listened to the answering machine it played the music the screen saver was playing.

One day my cellular called the house seven times, at one minute intervals.
We have come to accept the fact that she is here but we are not frightened. I have seen her out of the corner of my eye many times but when I turn and look there is nothing there. Our dogs bark at times when there is nothing visible to us. They stand staring at something only they can see.

My husband and I feel she isn’t at peace because she committed suicide in our home and feels badly for it. We have told her its okay. We were angry at first because she did but we have both overcome this anger and have told her we forgive her.

As I am typing this into the computer I can feel her presence behind me. I often feel her presence late at night when I am the only one up, but, again, it isn’t a fearful feeling. Often when I walk into the bedroom she committed suicide in I can smell her perfume. Sometimes when I miss her I just go and sit in the room and feel her there. This is the room my father-in-law sleeps in when he visits.

We have had medicine bottles full of pills appear. One such prescription was filled, according to the label, in 1994. I need to say the reason my father-in-law wasn’t in the room with her the night she did this is because two days earlier he had tried to commit suicide and was in the psych hospital. My mother-in-law and I had sat up until 2 am talking. She swore she would never commit suicide because her mother had. Ann, (my mother-in-law) and her brother had been in the living room and heard a gun shot and found their mother with her head blown apart.

This is all very true, I swear.

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