Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 16:28:15 -0800 (PST)

Back in 1989 my boyfriend committed suicide. He was a very mean and violent person and I often felt he had the devil inside him. That of course was not so but he put me through so much abuse that was how I felt. I had left home with my children two days before he committed suicide. The police found him in our van locked in the garage.

The night before they found him I had dreamed the police were in our house and they handed me a bloody glove. The day after they found him I returned to the house and found the glove with blood on it on our kitchen table.

Several days later I moved back in and his family stayed with me that night. Deep down inside I was still afraid of him. That night everyone fell sick . I knew then that he was still there.

Through the next few weeks things got worse. Lights would turn off after I turned them on. Pictures flew off the walls. My collie started howling at night and ran out the door one day never to return. But most of all the smell of death never left my house, the feeling of sadness in the house could always be felt. My two year old refused to sleep in her room, and the door was always shut, but the lights always managed to turn on. My four month old baby would sit on my lap and focus on thin air and smile and laugh.

He was there, I knew it. Everyone else told me it was my imagination, but mirrors and pictures flying off walls were very real. I moved very far away and have never returned so I do not know if there has been a problem since then.

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  1. How intriguing, and a bit bothersome to think that even in death an abuser can still torment their victim.

    I hope after moving away you found peace and he didn’t bother you anymore. God bless

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