The Surrency Spook Light is located in Surrency, Georgia along the Macon/Brunswick railroad tracks. Surrency, which was incorporated in 1911, is a small town of about 300 people in the southeast portion of Georgia. The light itself is described as a bright yellow ball that dissapears when approached. Sightings of the light began in the early 1900s, and apparently continue to the present day.

Some theorize that the light is a product of a geologic anomaly deep under the town of Surrency. The anomaly, discovered in 1985 during a regional seismic survey, is theorized to be a convex shaped pocket of liquid about nine miles underground, unlike anything else in the world. Scientists are puzzled by the anomaly, since liquid is not supposed to be able to form so far underground. Just to confuse things, this anomaly is also known as the “Surrency Bright Spot” (“Bright” because it reflects a larger than normal amount of radio waves) and is not to be confused with the actual light itself, which is called the “Spook Light.”

Others believe the light is connected to the famous Surrency Ghost. The home of town founder A.P. Surrency was known to be haunted from the 1870s until it burned down in 1925. The haunting became well-known after A.P. himself wrote a letter in 1875 to the Savannah Morning News detailing the manifestations. The “haunting” had poltergeist-like qualities to it, such as mysterious noises and objects being thrown about or appearing out of nowhere. Disembodies voices were heard on the property as well.

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