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Date: Monday, August 18, 2003 11:11 PM

Hi Obiwan,

I came across your site by pure luck and I’m completely blown away by all the information you have on this site, it’s wonderful!

I live on Long Island, and I’m very surprised that Sweet Hollow Road is not mentioned on here, for its very well known in this area as a local haunted place. Sweet Hollow is the road that is supposed to bring you to Mt. Misery Road.

The legends tend to intertwine and its basically impossible to tell the difference unless someone has a few thousand hours to research. The separation of roads really doesn’t matter for they are in the same region and take one to get to the other and each is quite spooky. Some of the stories surrounding the place is that cults make the area they’re home and perform satanic rituals, that theirs a graveyard where graves will be dug up and empty one night and full again the next, that there was a school and a teacher went mad and killed the students…..and just on and on and on. To tell you the truth I do not know how many stories there are out there that are true. All I can tell you is that there is something very wrong there, and very evil.

I should start by telling you that I’m very sensitive to paranormal activity. Ever since I was little I have talked to people who only I could see, see things others didn’t and sensed when something bad would happen. My parents thought I just had an overactive imagination but as I got older I only seemed to grow more and more sensitive.

My experience at Sweet Hollow/Mt. Misery happened when I was sixteen. My dearest friend had just gotten her license within the week and like normal teenagers we spent countless hours in the car looking for boys and trouble.

That night my friend (we’ll call her) Kristen and our other friend (we’ll call her) Mary, and I decided to go to Sweet Hollow together. Mary and Kristen had already been there and were dying to take me there. I however was a little hesitant because I did not enjoy looking for ghosts, if they want me to see them then I’ll see them, why look for trouble? But after twenty minutes of whining I decided to go along.

I actually felt better about going once in the car, I myself did not believe the stories and that it was all just on big urban legend. I was happy we were going somewhere new and thought it’d be some harmless fun.

Sweet Hollow was not to far from my house and we got there with little delay. Once we turned on that road something changed. I KNEW there was something wrong, I could feel the panic rising up in me and all the excitement and fun had gone. I begged my friends to turn around. They laughed at me and told me I was being ridiculous. This was all when we first got on the road. When I start to feel that way I start to pray. I know that sounds corny but I feel prayer is a very powerful tool that is taken for granted. We went along and came to this abandoned overpass and on the right side of the car I saw this young boy. He had brown hair, a green striped shirt, jeans rolled once at the ankles and red sneakers. And he was floating. I could not see his face but started to feel terrified. I was calmly saying the “Our Father” when he turned his head. The boys eyes were glowing and he smiled, an almost cruel smile. He looked like a child who had been possessed. Once he turned his head I completely forgot the rest of the prayer. I had gone to catholic school for years and church practically every Sunday and could not remember the rest. I screamed.

Kristen hit the gas and we were out of there. Neither Kristen nor Mary had seen the little boy but had felt very scared for some reason they could not explain. Once we were out of there I could remember the rest of the prayer and realized the part that I had not been able to think of was “and deliver us from evil…”

Hope you enjoyed!

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From: To: Subject: sweet hollow road Date: Monday, March 15, 2004 7:39 PM

Hi Obiwan,

I have been enjoying your site for years now. I love to read about true hauntings and all that scary stuff. Thank you so much!

I also live on Long Island not far from Sweet Hollow Road, and I have been going there since I was about 15. It’s pretty spooky! There are no lights on the road at all, it’s surrounded by woods, and its EXTREMELY windey. Also, there’s only enough room for one car at a time, so if another car is coming towards you, you have to pull all the way over to let them pass. There is a creepy old cemetary at the entrance and I had heard rumors that bloody Mary’s grave was somewhere in the small cemetary. So, my friends and I decided to see if we could find it. One night we piled into my friends station wagon and drove down there. When we got there I was so afraid to get out of the car, I just had a bad feeling. But my friends somehow convinced me and we pulled the car over and got out. We had flashlights and bats just incase we ran into any cult members (i know, we were young and there were tons of rumors about cult activity in the woods around sweet hollow road) and we started looking at all the grave markers. We started getting discouraged when we didn’t see Mary’s name on any of them and we were about to go back to the car. I have to admit, I was relieved. But then, I can’t really explain it, but there was a horribly scary noise coming from the woods right behind us! kind of like a scratchy voice saying ahhhh. we shined our flashlights into the woods but couldn’t see anything. So we started running, and as we were running to the car from the back of the cemetary, my friend tripped and landed right in front of a grave that said MARY in big capital letters. We screamed and ran as fast as possible back to the car, practically falling over eachother. When we finally made it to the car, instead of continuing down the road,which has a lot more to offer than just the cemetary at the entrance, we turned our huge station wagon around on the tiny, windey, one lane road and sped outta there. The whole time I felt like there was something behind us watching.

To this day, I haven’t gone back into the cemetary and I have no idea what really happened that night as far as what made that horrible noise, but it was PRETTY DAMN SCARY!!! So, for all of you who live on Long Island, if you haven’t seen sweet hollow road, check it out! I have had a lot of creepy experiences in the woods surrounding the road and on the road itself.

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  1. I grew up on sweet hollow, chicester corner.there is a old foundation and horses grave across from the red barn. I used to take care of the red barn horses in mid 1960’s. Moved to texas in 1971. The chichester grave used is back in the woods.they built lease and plenty inn. America spy Nathan hale spied on British there. I ran away from home one time and camped in woods I was 13. Glad we Moved. I was a rebellous youth bad boy, the move was good 4me. There’s a large old house on Mr misery 93rd that his slaves durring the cival war. Chichester rd was the test road for huntington school snow days. At westhills elemetry school we put on the legend of sleepy hollow when I was in the 6th grade. Kind of vindictive of teaching staff huh?

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