In July of 1970, when I was 12 years old, my dad passed away from a massive heart attack. In the days following his death I saw and carried on conversations with him on 3 seperate ocassions.

The first was the morning after his death. He appeared to me when I was in our backyard, telling me that everything would be ok. On the second ocassion I was riding my bicycle, and when I approached an intersection he was standing on the curb waiting for me. Again he told me that everything would be alright, and that I was now the man of the house, and should take care of my mom. During the period of time between his death and funeral I would ride my bike to the funeral home to see him….strange as it sounds, it comforted me to be able to see him, even if only in his casket. On the final trip I made to the funeral home, he was waiting for me, standing beside his casket. As we viewed his body together, he put his arm around my shoulders and said, “That’s not me anymore, you know.” That was the last time I felt a need to visit the funeral home prior to his funeral.

Was that the overactive imagination of a grieving 12-year old, or a visit from my dad’s spirit. I know what I believe, you’l have to decide for yourself.

Wolfman Jack

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