Missa: age 20

The Little Ones

My grandmother has lived in her current house for a good eleven years. I have always felt strange in that house but nothing really prepared me for what was to happen when I moved in with her for a few years.

The first time I actually saw something, instead of hearing or feeling things, was actually witnessed by my father and the family dog. All three of us saw a little girl, about six, and a little boy, about eight, jumping from a large desk to the sliding glass door that stood a good six feet from it. Both children were dressed in rags and gave off a feeling of innocence, yet loneliness. I haven’t yet found any information on these two children, but I know they are there, for I have seen them on multiple occasions.

The little boy actually visited me one night when I stayed the night with my grandma. We had just brought her home from the hospital after a serious panic attack and she didn’t want to be left alone. While I lay in bed, on my side, he snuggled up against my back, put an arm over me and whispered in my ear. I couldn’t hear the words, just mumbles, but I felt him there along with his breath. The creepiest part, however, was the fact that I felt his little toes on the back of my calves, and his little fingers move around on my arm.

Tall Skinny Guy

After my dad rented the house that we were living in before this one, a friend of his stayed there for a week or two after a terrible break up. My sister had a large bed so of course they gave our guest her bed and she slept with me in my twin-sized bed. Our bedrooms were side by side, but because our hall was L shaped her bedroom door was around the corner by a foot or two. Toward the beginning of the hallway was our bathroom, which we requested to keep that light on at night.

Sometime after two AM I was wide-awake. Something just didn’t feel right to me, and it was coming from my sister’s room. I was thankful she was with me at the time but our guest was still in there. All of a sudden, I look out my door and saw a VERY skinny black shadowy figure walk out of her bedroom and down the hall towards the bathroom, and living room. He was so tall that his head was not visible; because it was in the ceiling and the body was so skinny that his waist seemed to be only 4-5 inches. Jumping out of bed, because I’m stupid, I grabbed this metal bar and took off running down the hall prepared to give this intruder the beating of a lifetime. When I saw that no one was there realization kicked in and I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. Most people would stay in bed after that but because of my martial art training, and the fact that I’m very protective, I was like a warrior running into battle.

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