The Amityville Horror, although now considered a hoax, is one of the most well-known “hauntings” of all time. The house in Amityville, New York was made famous in the mid-70s when George and Kathy Lutz told the media of bizarre happenings which they alleged had taken place at the house during the month they lived there. These happenings included such things as flying demented pigs with glowing red eyes (my personal favorite), walls that oozed blood, an infestation of flies in the attic, and a pit to hell in the basement.

Supposedly, whatever had tormented the Lutzes was also the thing that had driven Ronald DeFeo to gun down his entire family in that house in 1974.

The Lutzes chronicled their experiences in a book authored by Jay Anson. Later the book was made into a movie. Many sequels as well as a remake followed.

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