Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 22:45:32 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Story Submission

The Flute in the Mirror

One weekend I went to a ski lodge with my parents and there was a really bad snowstorm that turned off all the power, so we sat around in the dark with nothing but a flashlight and decided to tell ghost stories. At first my mom was reluctant to tell me this story because she didn’t want to scare me but I finally pulled it out of her. Back when she was in high school and still living with my grandmother she had a dresser with a huge mirror connected to it and one day when she looked in it she saw a man next to her in the reflection. Not only did she see a man but he was playing a flute. It scared the hell out of her and she looked around the room but she was all alone. She only saw him in the mirror. Time and time again after that she would see the man with the flute in that mirror, sometimes next to her, sometimes behind her and even sometimes in place of her own reflection. She never mentioned this to anyone, not even my grandmother, she was afraid that everyone would think she was crazy.

Well, one night when one of her friends came to visit, let’s just call him Don, she finally told her story. He didn’t think she was crazy and he suggested that my mom go talk to his uncle who studied ghosts and was very into that sort of thing. So, they got in the car and cruised on over to Don’s uncle’s house. When they rang the doorbell and the uncle answered he knew my mother’s name and that she had been seeing this man with the flute in the mirror. It was the strangest thing because she hadn’t told anyone except Don a few minutes before and he hadn’t told his uncle. Don’s uncle told my mom that he man in the mirror had died and that he wasn’t ready to pass on yet, so he was stuck in limbo. He appeared in the mirror and played the flute to try and hypnotize my mom into meeting him in the cemetery where he was buried in order to trade places with her….. to take over her body and have another chance at life again. Needless to say, my mom hasn’t looked in that mirror since.

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