Hey me again. This is the third and final experience I have had (so far) and it probably wont be my last, seeing as I’m only 16 years old as I write this. The red eyes pale in comparison to this one.

I was sitting in my room watching a dvd on the new tv and dvd player I had recently received for my birthday (or Christmas, I’m not sure) and I had just turned it off and was preparing for bed. I walked past the window and just across the road in the paddock I saw a green light coming from in the long grass by the barb wire fence. Naturally I put my boots on and walked over to find out if someone had dropped a torch or someother for me to pocket, as little boys usually do.

As I walked up to the light, it kept getting brighter, in a sickly green that made me feel uneasy as I stumbled up the side of the road to look at. When I was about 5 feet away from the light, it suddenly grew until I could only see it and the grass that was in front of it, and it was captivating as i walked even closer. But at about 3 feet I stopped dead, I could feel something so terrible inside that light that I couldnt bear to go any closer.

I’m nobody to make judgement, but that light was EVIL. The red glowing eyes I saw in the house scared me into running home, but this terrified me so much I was almost in tears as I ran the 30 feet to my house and raced into my room to look out the window… and the light was GONE. For weeks after I couldn’t sleep and for the rest of the time I lived in that house, I looked out the window to make sure the evil light hadn’t returned. It never did.

All the other stories had happened to someone else I knew, but this one, nobody had ever experienced anything like itbefore in town, and that scared me almost as much as walking up to it in the first place, knowing that it had chosen ME to see it.

If anyone else has experienced, or know of something similar to what I saw, PLEASE send me an email on hiipoo208@hotmail.com with the title THE GREEN LIGHT. I would like to have an answer to what it was, and I think this is the only way im going to find out.

Date: Unknown
From: Anonymous

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