Subject: The Lady In Purple
Date: Monday, October 31, 2005 10:58 PM

Back in 1954 when I was six, I was sleeping in my own bed in a room I shared with my sister, who was four. There appeared one night standing over my bed a black woman, which was odd since I was white living in a predominantly white neighborhood. She was dressed in a purple suit dress in the style of the ’40s. She had long fluffy hair and wore a wide brimmed hat. She was smoking a cigarette but her eyes were bright and yellow. She put her white gloved hands over my mouth as if to smother me and her face had a mean and angry look. I tried to take her hands off my face. I looked upon the wall that had a lit icon of Jesus and I prayed to the Lord to help me. The moment I started praying this thing let go with a yell and raced out the room. I woke up my sister and asked her if she saw it. She said yes but the lady caressed her face tenderly, not violently like she did me. We both remember that night 53 years later.

Note, I learned years later that our house was moved from a location that was predominantly black, which could explain the “black’ ghost. I never saw this specter again but I’ll never forget it.

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