Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 19:34:49 -0400 AST
Subject: The Moving Cup

Hey there,

I guess you could say just about anyone knows about something that happened that can only be explained by means of the paranormal… Except me, I guess. One friend who just stumbled upon me perusing your webpage started telling me something they had experienced. Here it is.

Down in Abram-Village, Prince-Edward-Island (Canada), there’s an old house that still stands today. Some say the house is 200 years old, but I can’t confirm that right now, nor can I confirm if anyone is there at the moment. The last people I (or rather, she, I’m typing down what she says) heard about anyone staying over there was back in the late Eighties, when a young couple were living there. It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, no people flew through the walls, but one incident happened one afternoon that is worthy of note.

The husband of the two was sitting on the couch, just relaxing, while his wife tinkered about in the kitchen, fixing a pot of coffee. Arriving into the living room, she put down a cup for her husband, on his side of a table. He’d take a sip, and his attention soon focused to something else, until he’d go back for his cup, only to notice it wasn’t on his side of the table but at the other end. Reaching for it, he’d take a sip and promptly forget about it, thinking his wife was playing a prank on him. After two times of this, he raised his gaze to see his cup slowly moving away from him, gliding on the table.

Of course, when this happens to you, you tend to get a bit curious and start keeping an ear open around town to hear if something odd had happened at that house. One of the neighbors had been around for awhile, and during a conversation, his neighbor mentions the elderly couple who had lived there before them. The man of the house was arthritic, and his wife would torment him by putting his cup of (tea or coffee, I’m not sure) as far away from him on the same table while he’d be sitting in the living room. Nothing had happened to the neighbor in question, nor did anything ever happen again to the couple who saw that cup move.

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