Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 21:42:57 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Story Submission

I was at one of those sleepovers with 5 of my friends. I was 10 at the time and I didn’t know what a ghost or spirit was, typically children of this age will know about the “Boogeyman” but I didn’t. This one is my first experience with the paranormal.

We had a clubhouse on one of the old oak trees behind my house and my friends and I stayed and slept there many times. The “night” was one of those nights where you have a new moon and everything was dark and you can’t see a thing. We made a pact to go to the restroom, which was in the house, together.

Everything was fine until it was about 3 or 4 in the morning, that was my usual “time,” and I woke all my friends up to go with me. They lazily woke up one by one and we slowly creeped down the clubhouse. After we were all down, the candles in the clubhouse lit up and there was someone talking. I don’t know who it was and it couldn’t be any of my friends because all of us were down on the ground.

John, my best friend, wanted to investigate the clubhouse. The others, including me, were still in some kind of shock so John bravely went up the stairs. He climbed up until the middle of the tree, the light in the clubhouse suddenly vanish and the talking got louder. It sounded like a really bad coughing at first then it became a moan. Then John just fell off the tree, his hands didn’t slip but he just got push off. It was weird.

We all went up to tell my mom and she didn’t quite believe it. We stayed in the living room for that night. The moaning didn’t stop. My parents blamed it on us and told us to stop it because it was annoying them. We were scared, really scared. It didn’t stop, so my mom just stay in the room with us and the voice stopped. Don’t know how and don’t know why.

We found out a week later at the school library, with the help of our history teacher that the site that the neighborhood housing complex was built on was an execution ground. People were hanged and people were shot around there. I ran home to tell my parents, they too were shocked, and they talked with each other. They had a monk came over and tell the spirit to go to a better place, Buddhist concept. He told us not to go sleep on the tree again. Now and then I could faintly see someone staring at me from the clubhouse.

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