My mum’s best friend lives in Alkmonton in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. One night about February 2003 me and my older sister went to stay the night at her house, because my parents had gone away that night. It is an old Victorian mansion with about 23 rooms, so me and my sister had the pick of any room we wanted. Because I was only 11 and my sister was 13 we let our imaginations run wild a bit. It was a typical mansion that you would expect to be in gory ghost stories and movies. We had the day to explore the house, and as you can imagine we were both scared to go anywhere on our own. My mum’s friend Ruth and her husband Chris lived there on their own with their dog Jack.

Chris had always said that they lived with some unfriendly spirits that seemed to wander around the house more at night. A few weeks before, they had reported a theft around 11 at night. When the police came they brought sniffer dogs along with them to see if they could pick up a scent. I read the stories of their stolen goods in the local newspaper. It read that two of the trained dogs had been found in the attic room dead. Experts say they had been shocked to death when they were found and they both were as cold as ice.

The night me and my sister were staying there we both dared each other to sleep in the haunted attic room. We slept in there together that night. Chris and Ruth were concerned for our safety but we convinced them we’d be fine. They let us borrow the video camera and record any paranormal activities that night. During the night the floor boards tapped as if some one was walking across it. We both must have fallen asleep for a bit and left the camera on.

We woke up with a loud bang. The heavy wooden door had been pushed closed, and I am telling you, a draft could not even budge it an inch. The noise woke us both up and we were too scared to sleep with the door shut, so my sister dared me to go open it whilst she filmed it. After I managed to open it I ran back in to bed and hid under the duvet, and my sister put the running camera on the top shelf to film any more scary things that happened to us during the night. All though the night we woke up to bangs and footsteps.

The next morning we watched it through. The room had about three orbs going around all night. The scariest thing we captured was a dark figure on the tape leaning over our beds. It looked like an old lady. It was her footsteps we heard that night.

We sent the tape in to ‘Most Haunted Live’ and it was proven to have been ghosts on the footage. They came to the mansion and did a show with the ghosts. They did it live and they too caught the old woman in that room and plenty of orbs around the mansion.

The mansion used to be a Victorian orphanage. Ruth and Chris have now moved. None of us have ever been back.

From: “Steve Sackman”
Subject: ghosts
Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:44 PM

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