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Subject: Ghost lights in Wimberely Texas
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:35:06 -0500

Wimberley Lights

Wimberley, Texas is a small jewel in the Texas hill country. My family has spent many happy summer weekends there camping and swimming in the sparkling cypress creek. The creek is shaded by huge Cypress trees that are probably as old as Texas itself and have been the launch pad for countless whoops and jumps into the creek by generations of children. The creek runs from the main “swimming hole” down to a secluded little natural pool. A trail runs alongside the creek down to the little pool. This is where our “sighting” occurred.

The campground is lined by one side by a hundred year old rock wall, and across a small dirt road is a very old cemetery. We walk in the old cemetery almost every evening, admiring the tombstones and wondering about the lives of the people buried there.

One evening after a long day of swimming, lounging around, and eating, my sister Leslie, and my sister in-law Laura cleared away our campfire dishes, tucked the kids in bed and sat around the campfire talking with our husbands. We women decided that a late moonlight swim without the children would feel wonderful, so leaving our husbands at the campsite, trekked the short distance over the old wall and down to the small pool. We had the pool to ourselves and the night was very dark, only lit by starlight. We were talking softly, ( and a little giggling was going on to as we decided to re live our youth by skinny dipping) just enjoying the freedom, the water and the night.

I noticed it first. It was like the air became thicker, and the sounds of the woods died away. I remember feeling as if I had been put on alert. My sister felt the same as she became very quiet and still. From down the path came THREE identical gold glowing spheres! They followed the course of the path and whooshed right by us ( except they made no noise, but they were moving quickly as you would imagine a “whoosh”). They were perfectly spaced apart and were elegant in their movement as one followed another with precise movement. We were motionless and in stunned silence as they passed, then I turned to my sister and exchanged the “did you see that look.” Her expression left no doubt that she had, as well as my sister in law. I don’t remember feeling any real fear, just a desire to GET OUT OF THE WATER……I don’t know which would be more frightening, the sight of whatever those lights were or the sight of three grown ( and yes, naked) women scrambling up the banks of Cypress creek!

I really would like to know what kind of phenomena that was. The three of us are all mothers and professional women, not given to flights of fancy ( I am a registered nurse), and we cannot discount or explain away what we saw. Any explanations or similar sightings?

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