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yourname Dan

Ok, my name is Dan, and I live in Idaho. It is a lonely little town here, but let’s not get to that! My story is completely true, and all of it is written to my best knowledge. About three weekends ago, I was at T.J.’s house, and I was staying the night, which I didn’t get any sleep, as you will read why. This is a town of about 1000 people or so, and me and my friends T.J. and Mark were going home from the movies. T.J. lives about 5 miles out of town and you have to turn on a dirt road, which is a really windy road, and it is about a quarter of a mile to his house from the start of the dirt road.

We come around the last corner and there is a house in front of his, and there is a guy standing in the road. This is at 1 in the morning so usually you wont see your neighbors standing in the middle of the road, but the weird part about this guy was he was holding a pitch fork, and his eyes were glowing red! So we stop the car, scared as hell, don’t know what to do.

So T.J., being the dumbass that he is, honks the horn. The guy stares right into my eyes, and that gave me a sense of evil, that this guy was very, very evil. I could sense it when he was looking into my eyes. Then, all of a sudden, he vanishes! So me and Mark are crying, because we are so scared, and T.J. just takes off and we all run in the house.

Then, we told his parents and they just laughed. I don’t care if they don’t believe us or not, but about an hour later, T.J., Mark, and I are sitting in the kitchen talking about what could that guy be. Then i walk over to the sink to get a drink of water. There is a really big window right in front of their sink, because the sink is right against the wall. I look up the canyon edge (T.J. lives in the canyon), and I see a white light turn on, so I’m sitting there with a glass in my hand, screaming at T.J. and Mark to hurry and look at this. I dropped the glass as soon as I see the white light heading for his house.

T.J. starts crying, and Mark is just frozen, he couldn’t talk or move. We are all standing in front of the window looking at this light that now is only about 50 feet from the house. Well, about then it turns into a woman’s body figure, and she is wearing a white dress, with a bright, bright light coming from behind
her, and we start backing away from the window as she steps down on the porch.

At this time Mark had puked all over the sink, and T.J. was still crying, and I was very shaken, so they start screaming for T.J.’s mom, and she yells back, “I’m coming.” We look back at the living room doorway to see if she is coming, then I glance back at the window and she is right at the window, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and she is holding her hands in front of her chest like she is praying.

So I start screaming for T.J.’s mom, and T.J. and Mark ran in the living room, leaving only me in the kitchen. I look back at the window, and she is gone! I don’t know where she went, I didn’t see where
she went, I just know that she was an angel, protecting his house from a possessed demon, which i now believe what that guy was, a demon. I don’t know why that night we had to see this, or why us, but we did, and we all have a story to tell!

This is completely true, nothing is wrong or fake with this story. I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you
for your time and reading it.


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