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Subject: Omaha’s Hummel Park
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 05:37:07 -0600

In Omaha, there is a city park on the northern outskirts named Hummel Park. This is quite possibly the most haunted place in the city, if not the state.

The background of this park is very macabre to begin with. In the early 1900’s, Omaha was notorious for being very racist. Lynch mobs would ride through town and hang or otherwise mutilate any black people that happened to be in sight. As with today, most black people in Omaha back then lived in the northern part of town. So the mobs would ride through and do their thing up there the most, knowing this. They hanged so many black people that the trees still bow over the road leading to Hummel Park. The weird part is that young trees and even the grass lean toward the road outside the park and even inside the park.

All of this death associated with the park seems to have warped the very ground it’s on. There are altars of Satanic worship scattered throughout the park (I’ve seen one of them up close…….Not cool), there is a lodge on the south side of the park where a collection of albinos live. They like to frequent the park at night, and they absolutely detest normal people (from what I hear). The lodge itself looks like a giant wooden igloo. The entire thing is fenced off-guess why.

My most recent visit follows: Sara, Kyra, and myself(jeff) decided to go out of sheer boredom. We arrived at 5:04 am (this time of year the sun doesn’t rise until about 7:30 or 8:00am). Still looking like the middle of the night and very Blair Witch Project-ish, we proceed. As we were driving up to the entrance a rock or something hit the outside of the drivers side door. It scared poor Sara to death, so she insisted on eveyone holding hands. I obliged, and on we went. For some reason, just as we pull up, it started to rain. This particular entrance seems to have been cut right out of the side of the hill, because the sides are incredibly steep. Sara pointed out that halfway up the left side a few feet inside the park was where she saw the ghost car several years ago. Apparently her and bunch of her friends saw a late model car wrecked impossibly up the side of this hill, like God had picked it up, smashed it against this big bowing tree and left it suspended there. Later that night, a car with a highly damaged front end chased them out of the park and disappeared as soon as they left (there’s more to it than that, but I digress…). We drove around for a while and saw a picnic area. We decided to investigate. And right in front of us was the morphing stairs. All three of us got out and ascended them and counted each cracked, crumbling one, finally reaching 188. I saw something on the top of the last one and asked Sara to point the flashlight at it. The number 188 was clearly spray painted, confirming our count. I turned around and saw the altar, and in the dim light of Sara’s maglite, I saw inverted crosses and pentagrams and decided to myself that was enough for me. We turned around and headed back down the stairs, being sure to keep count. When we reached the car, the official count was 183. And no spray painted numbers. Off to our right we saw another possible altar. Upon investigation, all we saw was the numbers 4:20, a few names and gang grafitti. We figured this was just a place to get high. Satisfied by this, we started toward the car, when we heard a low rumbling sound, like an earthquake, then this horrible screaming. I thought it might have been racoons we saw earlier, but I’ve never heard them make that kind of sound. We were in that car and out of there. As soon as we left the picnic area, Kyra’s stomach ached badly and Sara tasted blood, like her gums were bleeding. I felt somewhat dizzy and disoriented. Outside of the park we headed for the interstate to get back home when Sara and I noticed that the left side of the car was heavy and visibly leaning to that side. She even got out and checked for flats, which there weren’t. We heard that weird knocking 3 more times. We had a passenger we didn’t want. After getting lost and again finding the park, the weight lifted. Physical ailments went away. We went home with the only sound being the Misfits in the cd player. Noone spoke a word.

The park is in North Omaha on J.J. Pershing Dr. off of 30th street (the intersection’s marked by a strange barn type building on the right) and is open daily 5 am to 11pm. The fine for trespassing after hours is 25 dollars plus court costs, though I doubt the police will set foot outside of their cruisers.


Ed from Omaha adds:

Subject: Hummel Park
Date: Monday, September 08, 2003 10:11 PM

I, being an Omaha resident am very familiar with the park, having spent a lot of time there hiking and picnicking with my family and friends throughout the years. I agree that it is probably haunted, but I just wanted to set a few facts straight for you. The afore mentioned “albino village” or wooden igloo building that you identified on the park’s south end is or was, a swanky private restaurant called the A-RI-RANG Club. The albino village is purely an urban legend that has been circulating since my dad was a teen in the late 50’s and probably even before. Unfortunately, the park is run down due to budget cuts in our city, but it was not always so. Even into the late 1990’s the park was very well maintained and police patrolled it almost hourly. A caretaker lived on site until just recently, his job being cut and the house torn down. Now the park is left to vandals and pseudo satanic worshippers. It is a very beautiful park, and I am trying to get community support and voluteer help to restore it to former glories. My brothers and I are amateur ghost hunters as well, and would be very interested to hear from you. Thanks, Ed

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Subject: From Omaha (fan of your site)
Date: Thursday, January 06, 2005 9:32 PM

Hello, I live in Omaha and went to hummel day camp as a kid growing up. But as I got older I found out alot of things out about it. It is haunted, the most haunted place in Nebraska. The park is full satanic symbols including upside down crosses and pentagrams. It is the last place anyone would wana be alone at during night time. I refuse to even drive through not because of the city fine, but because of the people around and the evil that is present. High Schoolers enter the park just looking for a scare but they dont know anything about the parks history. Violence, Death, Lynching and the list keeps on going. At the bottom of the stairs, the satanic alter is called the lions den. It is defaced with many satanic symbols. Hummel is talked about by most high schoolers around here. Some people in Omaha admit that they believe it is haunted, while others could care less. Hummel park is by the far the scariest place at night even in a car. You will hear all kinds of sounds and see some very strange things. If you choose to enter the park after dark, do not go alone even if it is a huge bet, you might not come out the same.

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From: Anonymous
Subject: Omaha, Nebraska’s Hummel Park
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005 10:06 PM

Hiya ObiWan!

I was born in Omaha, and have lived here for going on 32 years, so I have heard all the rumours and stories about Hummel Park, and have been there quite a few times.

The “morphing steps” that Jeff in the first email wrote you about are called “the Hundred Steps.” The local legend about them is that you can count them as many times as you like, you won’t get the same amount of steps each time. There are four, I think, sets of steps going up to a flat concrete round on the top of the four sided hill. It IS a site known for Satanist activity, however.

I heard the stories about the Albinos living in the park. I also heard the same thing that Ed heard about them – that it wasn’t true about a colony of albinos living in the park. I’ve never seen an albino in the park, and as I’ve said, I’ve been there many times in the past 14 years (1991-2005).

On the road to the park, there is a tall tree that looks like it’s spelling out the word “HI.” You have to pay close attention to the road going by on the OPPD side of the road or you’ll miss it.

My own experience in the park:

It was late September, 1991. I was 18 years old then. I had just gotten married about a week before. Late one night, my husband’s cousin Ronnie, his girlfriend and a friend of Gary’s (my ex-husband) named Shawn, came and collected my husband and myself from our home in South Omaha and one of the places we went was Hummel Park. I had never been there before in my life but had heard a few of the rumours. I had no prior opinion about the place, actually, so I wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen.

Ok, so we went to Hummel and stopped on a moonlit gravel road deep inside the park. Gary, Shawn and I exited the van as Ronnie and his girlfriend, Wendy, were given some privacy. Gary and Shawn were standing alongside the van, goofing off, while I sat in the grass on the side of the road (cold gravel on your butt is uncomfortable). We’d been outside the van about a good half an hour when I heard a woman give a long, echoing scream of what sounded like fear and pain in the distance. I asked Gary and Shawn if they heard it. They of course asked me what I was talking about. Then it happened again, and this time they heard it the same as I did. At that time, regardless of what Ronnie and Wendy were doing, we all hurried to get into the van and drive off as quick as we could. Gary and Shawn were more scared than I was. They thought that the Albinos were torturing someone, I thought that it was more likely that it was the resident Satanists.

As we drove out of the park, following that gravel road which was increasingly bracketed by trees as we followed it, there was someone following us out of the park. As with one of the other accounts on your site, the car disappeared once we got far enough out. Didn’t turn off on another road, as this road we were following didn’t have any turn offs that I could see, it just was there one second, gone the next.

I have since been there many times during the day and at night. The only odd thing that I have experienced since my first visit was that I got an uneasy, evil-like feeling at many places in the park, including the top of the Hundred Steps. Considering that Satanists (the kind that really do exist and you don’t know who they are and they’re not as nice as Anton LeVay Satanists) are extremely active in the area of the park, that’s not something I see as really odd.

Oh, and by the way, the Police DO patrol Hummel and they DO get out of their cruisers, as I found out late one night in 1996, with my friends Cindy and Chris. And the ticket I got for trespassing was a fat $76. It was Chris’s idea to go into the park as I remember.

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  1. Don

    I have grown up in Omaha. My friends and I have all been to the park. I am glad somebody else remembers the “hi” tree. Back when I was in school it use to be the “cool” thing to do to go to the park. The only albino I ever saw there was a friend that we had taken down there as a set up for scaring some girls. It worked to good as the girls freaked out and never hung out with us again. Not that I blame them. if I ever see them again I would apologize for such an idiotic, juvenile and totally male prank. As a 43 year old father now I hope no immature males do that kind of thing to my daughters. Although my 21 year old would probably scare the hell out of them back.


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